At Felman Production, we take our responsibility to serve the health of our employees and that of the local community very seriously. We are committed to operating in a manner that protects the environment and ensures the safety of our workers.  We employ strict operating procedures designed to minimize waste, prevent pollution, and achieve environmental compliance at our facility.

The nature of our business necessitates that all employees be well-versed in proper safety precautions related to protective equipment, fire prevention, electrical equipment, industrial machinery and power tools. Employee engagement is vital, and we hold regular training to ensure our workforce is familiar with proper protocol and OSHA standards.

Our parent company, Georgian American Alloys, has made it a priority to invest significant capital into our facility to improve operation performance and increase safety measures. We are in the process of replacing old baghouse fans with new models that are more efficient, produce less waste, and require less electrical power. Our air dryers have been upgraded to provide cleaner compressed air for the entire plant, and we are installing plugging guns and drills at our furnaces that will significantly reduce the potential risks associated with handling liquid alloy during the tapping process.

Felman has been a proud member of the West Virginia community for over 60 years, and we will continue to operate as a responsible corporate citizen in all our endeavors.


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